About IITR

Institute of interdisciplinary Training and Research

The institute of Interdisciplinary training and research (IITR) was established in 2013 by the university council following the restructuring of the faculty of development studies. IITR is comprised of five departments .

  • Planning and governance,
  • Gender and women studies,
  • Environment and livelihood support systems,
  • Student placement partnerships and networking,
  • Research and graduate studies.

The Institute provides a platform for interdisciplinary research and training through offering community based academic programs that impart knowledge and skills to interface development realities that challenge the application of science and technology. IITR offers cross cutting development studies service course that is oriented to political economy to undergraduate students at MUST.

The institute also offers its students opportunities to interface with the community realities through an examinable field based course called student community training project(STP). under STP ,students on a weekly basis work with communities in and around municipality to identify and utilize community resources.

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