Dr. Charles Muchunguzi

Deputy Director, Lecturer -  IITR

BA (Sociology), PGD (Dev’t Studies) M.A (Development Studies), PhD (Development Studies) BA, MA, PGD, PhD

Charles Muchunguzi is a Pastoralism Development Specialist, Deputy Director, Head of Research and Graduate Studies and a Lecturer in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Training and Research at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

He teaches courses: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies and Methodology, Conceptualisation and Theoretical Analysis in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Training and Research.  Charles also teaches qualitative research on the MPH programme in the Department of community Health and Medical Sociology in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences. 

Charles has worked on a number health related research projects as a research assistant, consultant and lead consultant. In 1995-97 Charles worked as a research assistant on a study to control at community level Nutritional Anaemia in pregnant women in Rural Bushenyi District. He also participated as a Social scientist in the evaluation of the USAID funded Dish II project in 2002 on the Lwamagwa site. He also participated in the baseline survey for the OBA project of the Marie Stopes International in 2006 as a Sociologist. Charles was the lead Social scientist for the HIV sero prevalence survey that was jointly conducted by the Department of Community Health and the National Institute of Health (ISS, Rome). 

In 2005 Charles was the Principal Investigator for a study sponsored by Innovations at Makerere (I@Mak) on the Effects of Decentralisation within the Health Sector on access to health services among pastoral Communities in the Ankole Ranching Scheme. In addition, as a lead consultant Charles conducted a study on the Willingness to Use ACT-Coartem as a pilot programme in Kiboga District in 2007, sponsored by Malaria Consortium-Africa Regional Office in Kampala. 

From 2010 -2013 Charles was a co-investigator on the study: “Reducing the Risks and Vulnerabilities of wildlife related Diseases using an Ecosystem approach in Uganda’s Cattle Corridor. The study focused mainly on Brucellosis prevalence and socio-cultural factors that influence the brucellosis disease burden. In October 2013 as a visiting professor at the University of Virginia gave a presentation on “The Social Considerations of Disease Burden in Ankole Drylands” with specific reference to Brucellosis in the Infectious Disease Institute. Charles also gave a lecture in the Department of Religious Studies on the topic:  “The Gospel of Prosperity in the Pentecostal Movement in Uganda”

Prior to that from 1997-1999 Charles worked as a research assistant on the Project funded by Africa Wildlife Foundation that aimed at documenting value attitudes of Bahima pastoralists on the Long Horn-Ankole Cow in the Ankole Ranching Scheme. He used participant Observation to collect the data and lived with Bahima Pastoralists and lived with Bahima pastoralists for three Years. This project provided a foundation the current project sponsored by Fauna and Flora International on The Conservation of the Ankole Cow project. Charles has been a member of the project steering committee from 2005-2013. 

PHD Research: Responding to Crisis: Adaptive Responses of Bahima Pastoralists facing Loss of Livelihood Resource along the Uganda Cattle Corridor

Masters Research: The Challenges of Integrating Indigenous People in Protected Areas Management: A Case of Lake Mburo National Park and Bahima Pastoralists

Key Publications: 

  1. Mathijs Van Leeuwen, Ilse Zeemeijer, Doreen Kobusingye, Charles Muchunguzi, Linda Haartsen and Claudia Piacenza (2013) The Continuities in Contested Land Acquisitions in Uganda, James Curry, UK 
  2. Muchunguzi Charles (2012) Responding to Crisis: Adaptive Responses of Bahima Pastoralists facing loss of Livelihood Resource along the Uganda cattle Corridor (PhD Thesis)
  3. Muchunguzi Charles & Martin R. Doornbos (2011) Elite Pastoralism: An Invisible Hand Grabbing Land in Uganda Cattle Corridor, a Paper presented at the Conference on The Future of Pastoralism in Africa, Addis Ababa 21st -23rd May 2011-Future Agricultures Consortium/IDS Sussex & Tufts University
  4. Pearson Amber & Charles Muchunguzi (2011) Contextualizing Privatization and Conservation in the History of Resource Management in Southwestern Uganda: Ethnicity, Political Privilege, and Resource Access over Time, International Journal of African Historical Studies Vol. 44, No. 1 
  5. Mulogo Edgar M, Kim Witte, F. Bajunirwe, S.K Nabukera, C. Muchunguzi, V.K. Batwala, F. Bagenda, C Farr and S. Barry (2006) Birth Plans and Health Facility Based Delivery in Rural Uganda ; East African Medical Journal Vol, 83 No. 3
  6. Nabukera S.K, Mulogo Edgar M, Kim Witte, F. Bajunirwe, , C. Muchunguzi, V.K. Batwala, F. Bagenda, C Farr, S. Barry and Hamisu .M. Salihu (2003) Use of Postpartum health Services in Rural Uganda: Knowledge, attitudes and Barriers  Journal of Community Health Springer Science+Business Media Inc.
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