Gender and Women Studies

The Gender and Women Studies is administratively part of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Training and Research (IITR), teaching and research at the department focus on adopting a gender approach in the field of women health which include the broad range of health conditions (some of which are related to social, cultural, economic, environmental and political factors) that affect women and society as a whole. The main areas of specialization for teaching and research are women health Policy, promotion and education, gender and adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Interdisciplinary approach is our trademark.

The department combines academic efforts of the staff from the fields of public health, women health promotion, epidemiology, anthropology, gender, health education, sociology, obstetrics and gynecology, economics, political science and psychology. The department has connections with other universities in Uganda, East Africa, Africa, USA, and Europe and with several national and international organisations.

Research in the department is interdisciplinary focusing on gender and women studies.  It utilises the latest social and behavioral science research methods. The department has ongoing projects in the areas of post conflict reintegration of young mothers, gender and commodity chain, intra-household relations and maternal health outcomes and family relations and culture.

Academic staff in the Department of Women and Gender Studies

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