IITR Pre-MUST Silver Jubilee Partners’ Platform

Evidence has shown that development challenges and solutions are multifaceted and so require interventions which are interdisciplinary in nature.  An interdisciplinary approach to training and research adopted by IITR provides a systematic, comprehensive theoretical framework for the definition and analysis of the social, economic, political, environmental and institutional factors influencing society and human transformation. The focus of IITR is governance, gender and agricultural livelihoods.

Interdisciplinary collaboration requires researchers to leave their familiar disciplinary territories and enter unfamiliar intellectual spaces. It requires willingness to engage with and learn from people who have very different understandings of the world, different practices, and – quite often – different beliefs and values. 

Comparative exchanges encourage highly creative approaches to research, generating new theoretical directions, innovative methods and original outcomes. This year’s partner’s platform offers an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience in inter-sectoral and inter-professional collaboration displaying the potential to generate new thinking and so transform the way participants view their own work in respect to other disciplines and sectors. This platform is tremendously exciting and rewarding as a case for interdisciplinary approaches to training and research.

This year’s partners’ platform is not only inaugural but it coincides with the celebration of MUST’s 25 years of existence. The platform will offer opportunities to examine the creative potential of inter-professional engagements by exploring how the comparison and exchange of interdisciplinary approaches can offer fresh insights and spark new lines of thought for science and technology. The platform is not only providing an opportunity for debate on how to complement the strengths of science and technology, it also comprises an important part of the process through which science disciplines evolve, develop and transform over time.

As well as exploring the theoretical and methodological challenges faced by interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral collaboration, this platform highlights the cases for creative comparisons and knowledge transfusion. The platform showcases leading interdisciplinary researches and collaborative projects. In doing so, it hopes to encourage fresh discourses about interdisciplinarity, to suggest productive ways to integrate diverse disciplinary perspectives, and to establish new intellectual common ground for science and technology. 

IITR is hosting a partner’s platform to show case practices in interdisciplinary training, research and collaborations pertinent to advancement of science and technology for society transformation. The discussants will make presentations on diverse topics to generate debate on the future of working beyond individual disciplines for promotion of applied science and technology.

Themes of the Symposium

  1. Harnessing interdisciplinary approaches for trans-formative development  
  2. Uganda’s Vision 2040; harnessing agricultural opportunities
  3. Students’ experience of interdisciplinary training at MUST 
  4. Innovation in Agricultural Training
  5. Taking stalk of Women Empowerment Policies and Gender Research in Uganda 
  6. Integrated Health Research and Development
  7. Legislation and Policy Making for Higher Education in Uganda


Time                             Activity

08.00-09.00                  Arrival and Registration of participants

09.00-09.10                  National Anthem, MUST Anthem and Opening Prayer

09.10 -09.20                 Welcome Remarks: Dr. Viola N. Nyakato, Director, IITR, MUST

09.20-10.00                  Key Note Address: Prof. Frederick I.B Kayanja, Vice Chancellor, MUST

10.00-10.05                  Group Photo

10.05-10.30                  Break Tea

Panel discussions: Moderator: Dr. Muchunguzi Charles



Panelist (proposed)

10.30am – 10.50am

Harnessing interdisciplinary approaches for transformative development 

Prof. Pamela Mbabazi

10-50am -11.10am

Uganda’s Vision 2040; harnessing agricultural opportunities

Mrs. Edith Kateme Kasajja

11.10am – 11.30am

Students’ experience of interdisciplinary training at MUST the case of IITR

IITR Students and Dr. Charles Muchunguzi

11.30am – 11.50am

Innovation in Agricultural Training

Prof. Mangeni Margaret

11.50am –12.10pm

Taking stalk of Women Empowerment Policies and Gender Research in Uganda

Mrs. Neema Murembe

12.10– 12.30pm

Integrated Health Research and Development

Dr. Bajunirwe Francis

12.30– 12.50pm

Enhancing transferable skills through the ‘Student-Community Twinning Project’.

Ms. Immaculate Tumuhimbise

12:50-01:40pm            Open Discussion

01: 40-01:50pm           Closing Remarks and Tributes: Mr. Frank Ahimbisibwe

01:50-02:00pm            National and MUST Anthem

02:00 -3.00pm             Lunch and Departure 

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